The Irreverent Widow

The Irreverent Widow Project

The Project

Because life never goes quite as we plan, now does it?

THE IRREVERENT WIDOW PROJECT is a multi-media connection to my personal stories of love, death, mid-life dating and single parenting. I use my honesty, humor, art and words to evoke emotion and foster intimate human connection and healing. The project was created as a way to help me grieve my own loss, while in the process inspiring, educating and transforming the way we address loss and grief as a society.  It’s about opening doors of communication… along with people’s minds and hearts.

It’s about the power of laughter and tears.

I feel so fortunate that the passion I have to share my own stories allows me to bring love, laughter, art and healing into the lives of others.  I would love to see you become involved in this project as it continues to evolve and unfold.

The Irreverent Widow Project is  comprised of:

*  Touring Exhibit of “Art and Words that Heal” To see and learn more  click here.

*  Individual pieces of art for corporate and private purchase and display

*  Short stories and books

*  Web site

* Videos

* In-Person Presentations,  designed to inspire, motivate, educate, entertain and heal.

To see a history of the project’s evolution, click here.

If you’re a healthcare organization or a business and would like more information: click here

If you’re an individual who has been touched by loss in your own life, or who simply sees the value in this project and its importance in our society, click here to contact me with questions or thoughts on how you might become involved.