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Post on: May 28th, 2010



Earlier this week, I received a piece of mail that once again left me wondering about the state of our so called technologically advanced civilization.  I walked into my kitchen and casually leafed through the unwanted pile of envelopes and useless flyers from a variety of stores I never shop in.  And there I saw it….lurking beneath a circular.  Four  sinister letters, emblazoned upon the corner of  an otherwise un-noteworthy white business envelope:  AARP.  The American Association of Retired Persons. Or People. Or Peeps.  For those of you actually of retirement age, peeps is slang for “people”…I’m not making reference to those yellow marshmallow chicks served up at Easter.  Although I think an assisted living development filled with marshmallow chicks playing Mahjong would be something to really look forward to in my later years.

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