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Post on: January 11th, 2010

Aunt Edna’s Naughty Salt & Pepper shakers.

Make every day a holiday!

Ahhh…I remember when my friend’s Aunt Edna used to have these out on her holiday table….next to the tiny reindeer that were hand-carved in Germany… and the sterling silver bowl filled with her festive Christmas balls.  Poor Aunt Edna is no longer here, but luckily for us, her naughty salt and pepper shakers live on.  And remember, please don’t save these for the holiday table…life is too short not to enjoy them all year long! *

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Post on: January 5th, 2010

“Swan Song” Mug

Feeling a bit blue? Afraid this might be your last hurrah?

Turn that frown upside-down with a frothy cappuccino….served in your own very special white, feathered mug!  This elegant mug comes from the  estate of Madame Monique Le Bateau…a ballerina who, in her final years, could no longer perform en pointe due to an abundance of bunion surgery.  Her  Russian lover, Vladimir, told me that the loss of his soul mate has made it too painful to drink his vodka from this cup, but he begged me to find someone who would cherish it.  Could that someone be you? *

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Post on: January 1st, 2010

“Mr. Thrifty” Bank

Perhaps you have dated him, been engaged to him...or even married him. :)

Why, of course your guy would prefer staying home with you so he can “have you all to himself,” rather than take you to that swanky new French restaurant, where he’d have to share you with everyone.  Sure, he thinks you look sexier in those Fruit-of-the-Loom cotton briefs than in that European silk lingerie.  Naturally he finds camping so much cozier and more romantic than that chic little hotel in Manhattan.   Ladies, I give you “Mr. Thrifty!”  Mr. Thrifty can hold enough coins for the parking meter…but you’d best not get rid of that credit card of yours quite yet. *

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